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Embrace the Gift.


Older Noatak: You know why I ran away. My father wanted to use us as tools of revenge.  I left my brother and Mother behind. Did I regret my decision? How did I survive, is what you all want to know. This is my story.

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"Tarrlok you’re useless! I said bloodbend each other. You will do it son. You must avenge me! That is your purpose in life."

Those words, my father’s words, echoed in my mind. Was it a gift or a curse that our father passed on to us?

A curse, I decided as I stared at the endless white surface. As far as I could remember, our rare gift was banned from our tribe and those who possessed it were severely punished.

Why had our father chosen to taint us, his own sons, with this forbidden art? 

To avenge him. To take down the Avatar and take back Republic City. 

I thought of the times I made Tarrlok pray. We prayed to Yue and all our other water tirbe Spirits that Father would let go of the past but as each lesson progressed, so did our hopes of ever having a normal life.


I lost count of the days since I ran away. 

I wanted to find my way back home. Back to my brother and Mother. What would become of Tarrlok? I wondered as I kept walking. Had my father chosen to continue the training? 

"He was right about you. You are a weakling" were the last words I spoke to him and now, I regret ever saying them. Maybe I was the weakling. A coward who ran away and left his younger brother in the hands of a tyrant I once called a father. 

I hadn’t eaten in days, only surviving with the snow I melted in my mouth so when a huge Tiger seal appeared I quickly closed my eyes and searched for the life liquid. Once I felt the flow of the animal’s blood in my hands, I quickly dragged it my way. They way those small eyes stared up at me in terror. Somehow, they reminded me the way Tarrlok stared at me when I first bloodbended him.

Though I never used bloodbending to kill a soul, I stared at my hands and could already see blood sliding down my fingers. All of it a reminder of the poor animals I had tortured. 

WIth the strength left in me, I ran until my feet hurt. 

This is the end. I will die in this storm and take this gift with me. 

I’m sorry Tarrlok. I shouldn’t have left…

As I lay there, I thought of the person responsible for all this. That person was the reason I now lay in this storm waiting for death.  You might think it was my father, but no. Even though he made us bloodbender each other, there were happy memories I still wanted to keep in my heart. 

It’s the Avatar’s fault. 

Maybe these thought of revenge was what kept me alive for a few more minutes before it showed up.

I will hunt the Avatar and avenge my brother and lost childhood. I will use the gift you took away from my father on you.

Images of me taking down the Avatar helped me gain back some strength. My eyes began to close but my mind still cling to the idea, hoping  they would help me through the night.

That’s when I heard the voice. 

"Childish thoughts of revenge won’t help you last the night, son of Yakone.”

My heart beat faster. Was someone out here? I sat up and that’s when this being appeared before my eyes. I will never forget the yellow glow that left its eyes. “

If revenge is what you want, come with me..” said the spirit.

Was this thing real or a figment of my imagination? "I want to go home…." I said.

"Noatak.." The voice was but a hiss. “The Avatar needs to learn a lesson. That there are consequences to his actions. He took away your father’s bending, you can avenge your him by doing the same to the Avatar”

"Can that be done? Can you teach me? Maybe if restore my father’s bending he wouldn’t be so bitter." If this was deam, it felt real.

The fiend surrounded me, sharing its warmth "This is no dream boy and yes, I can teach you to embrace this gift you call a curse..but first let me help you survive the storm.

The Spirit looked at me and I nodded. Looking at the horizon, I saw the sun rise and with it, a new day.  

Had I know my own ending to this tale, I would’ve stayed in the snow and spared my brother’s life.


Note: Ending based on THIS.

And this is my theory on the Dark Spirit.

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